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Service Level Agreement

This document serves as a set of guidelines to inform decision making within File2Cart service as well as a guide for community members to better understand the support services provided by File2Cart service. The document is limited in scope since it sets official policy for providing help through the Support Center. By setting down these policies and channeling requests for help through the Support Center we hope to provide better service, have an accurate profile of user needs, and demonstrate the appropriate level of staff needed to handle the volume of requests.

NOTE: File2Cart does not guarantee proper import of custom data/fields or data handles by third-party modules/contributions. File2Cart supports default database schemes.

Who Is Covered Under This Agreement

This agreement is intended to cover File2Cart service, including:

  1. Service Management
  2. Support Department
  3. Technical Department

Methods of Contact

The Support Center (http://support.magneticone.com) acts as a central point of contact for all technical support, including service questions, data import interruptions, data import support service package, requests, and troubleshooting.

Customers may submit tickets online at (http://support.magneticone.com), contact Support Center via live chat, send an e-mail at contact [at] file2cart [dot] com or at support [at] file2cart [dot] com. Additionally, you can submit feature requests and ideas at Public Feedback Service (http://filet2cart.betaeasy.com). Due to staffing limitations live chat support may not be immediately available at all times.

NOTE: We don't provide IM support and do not call back.

Hours of Operation

Our Support Team is there to help you via phone, Live Chat and Email (Technical support) during the following hours:

  • Phone support - 24 hours a day, Monday - Friday
  • Live Chat support - 24 hours a day, Monday - Friday
  • Technical support - from 11 am to 7 pm GMT +2, Monday - Friday

NOTE: We are working on business days only (excluding National Holidays and weekends).

Public Feedback Service questions have lower priority comparing to email tickets, thus replies may take longer than 24 hours.

Support Forum questions have lower priority comparing to email tickets, thus replies on forum may take a few business days.

Requests can be submitted online (http://support.magneticone.com) or by e-mail at contact [at] file2cart [dot] com or support [at] file2cart [dot] com 24 hours a day.

NOTE: According to the acting Labour Code of Ukraine, in case of a national holiday or a non-working day coincides with a day-off, the day-off shall be extended to the next consecutive day after a national holiday or a non-working day. Additional days off will be announced in the news section of the Support Center.

Response Period

The guaranteed response period is 24 hours (business days). Actual response period may be shorter depending on the volume of requests at any point of time.

Responsibilities of Those Making a Request

Users should explore help that is readily available at File2Cart website before contacting the Support Center. This help might come from the FAQs (http://www.file2cart.com/faq) or Public Feedback Service (http://file2cart.betaeasy.com/).

When such local help has been exhausted and assistance is needed, the users should contact the Support Center through one of the methods described in Methods of Contact section. Please provide the following information when contacting the Support Center:

  1. Valid e-mail address that was used as your File2Cart account login. If you/your ISP use any spam protection, make sure you add contact [at] magneticone [dot] com, support [at] magneticone [dot] com, contact [at] file2cart [dot] com and support [at] file2cart [dot] com to the white list
  2. Data Import ID
  3. A clear and specific description of the problem or request, including information regarding any error messages you may have received

NOTE: If one of the points mentioned above is not met, Support Staff will contact you (up to 3 replies) to clarify the issue. If no relevant solution is received (no required action is taken) by user, the ticket is considered closed. File2Cart reserves the right to completely stop the support if the issuer uses abusive language or statements.

Support Service Packages

Support Service Packages - professional data import service provided by File2Cart support engineers to save your time, minimize risks and ensure data safety. It outlines the necessary actions maintained for your current and new stores and Data Import according to our Terms of Service.

You can purchase one of Support Service Packages at https://www.file2cart.com/app/support-service

Support Service is provided in four packages: Basic, Extended, Premium and Ultimate Support Services.

Basic Support Service includes support and assistance during the data import:

  • Import of up to 2 000 products
  • 5 hours of Dedicated Support and Tech Assistance

Extended Support Service package includes import customization, more support benefits and assistance. It provides:

  • Import of up to 20 000 products
  • 10 hours of Dedicated Support and Tech Assistance
  • Import Customization

Premium Support Service is developed for users who need to import large amount of data thus require more assistance. This package offers:

  • Import of up to 50 000 products
  • 25 hours of Dedicated Support and Tech Assistance
  • Import Customization
  • Import from API-based Feed

Ultimate Support Service provides the highest level of support and customization assistance. The package includes:

  • Import of over 50 000 products
  • 50 hours of Dedicated Support and Tech Assistance
  • Import Customization
  • Import from API-based Feed
  • Shopping Cart Functionality Validation
  • User Experience Validation

Also each of Support Service Packages includes:

  1. Import Assistance
  2. Personal Account Manager
  3. Import from multiple files
  4. Pre-Import Feed Validation
  5. Import Setup
  6. Import Results Preview on demo store
  7. Import Results Validation
  8. Scheduled Import setup possible

1. If the quantity of items you import exceeds the limits of the Support Service Package you selected, the payment for the rest will be charged additionally.
2. Each Support Service Package includes only one data import.

This document will change over time as circumstances warrant and therefore it is a work in progress. Questions and comments are welcome.

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Cart2Cart  Using the service was a great experience for me. I managed to import simple and bundle products in large quantities without errors. Cart2Cart
Date Written: 14 March 2012
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